Clear Acrylic Barriers

Clear Acrylic Barriers 24x32 and 32x47

Use horizonally or vertically! 

Quantity Discount You Save
11 $5.00 Up to $55.00
26 $10.00 Up to $260.00
51 $15.00 Up to $765.00
 Ready to Order!

Help keep your employees and customers safe with these no drill acrylic barriers. Easy to install and can be used in both horizontal and vertical formats.

Size 1-10 Pieces 11-25 26-50 Pieces 51-100
24" x 32" 97.50 ea 92.50 ea 87.50 ea 82.50 ea
32" x 47" 157.50 152.50 147.50 137.50 ea
2500 Items
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