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Pole Banner

Pole banners can make a visual impact. Double Sided graphics. Order in sizes 18, 24 or 30 inches wide and up to 96 inches tall.

Printed in full color a single piece of vinyl front and back. Banners are finished with 2" pole pockets and grommets at each corner to keep product in place. 

To conform to most City requirements we include:

  • Double Stitched pole pockets (free)
  • Grommet at each corner - total of 4 (free)
  • 2" Pole pockets top and bottom (free)
  • Windslits (optional)

Note: Material option 18 oz. Blockout Vinyl Banner


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Pole Flag Set Econo Flag

Our Budget Friendly Econo Flag is a lightweight Aluminum pole set specifically for the Econo Flag. 

This set is designed to allow the flag to grab your customers attention without wrapping around the pole.


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Flag Pole and Bracket Kit

Order your custom Pole Flag and use this kit to mount and fly your flag.  

Buy the pole or the bracket separately or as a set. 

 2 Piece - 74.5 Aluminum Pole with Chrome Ball